History of the Conference

The First Annual Northeast Conference on Andean Archaeology and Ethnohistory was held at Cornell University the weekend of November 12-14, 1982. It was conceived as a less expensive alternative to existing regional and national meetings. In this vein, it offered a single session format with time allotted for discussion both immediately after presentations and during scheduled breaks. Likewise, it was conceived as an intimate and informal gathering of all interested scholars. Special events were held on Friday and Saturday evening while the single item on the agenda of the Sunday morning business meeting was for attendees to choose from among the potential venues volunteered for the meeting to be held the following fall. The Cornell University Latin American Studies Program subsequently published a collection of papers presented at the conference.

During the succeeding years the conference has stayed true to its founding. Conviviality and informality continue to characterize this annual fall gathering. There remains no formal membership and no fee is charged for attendance. In addition, new ideas and new attendees are welcome. Over the years, the conference has convened at various locations in New England, the States of New York and Pennsylvania, and the Province of Ontario. The meeting has remained open to all and participants have been increasingly drawn from the American South-East, Mid-West, South-West, and West Coast regions, various regions of Canada, as well as various countries representing Europe and South America. The single session format has been kept as has the commitment to provide opportunities for discussion. Over the years, the range of topics discussed by participants has greatly increased while presentations have become increasingly pan-Andean in scope. The Cornell University Latin American Studies Program published collected papers of the second and third conferences and the association of the conference with this entity continues through Andean Past.

Richard E. Daggett

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Past Conferences